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  • Solid waste treatment plants
    Solid waste treatment plants


ENVITEC S.A. is the main contractor of the Joint Venture that is constructing the Mechanical Sorting and Composting Plant at Ano Liosia. The owner of the Plants is A.C.M.A.R. (Association of Communities and Municipalities of the Attica Region) and the Plant is located adjacent to the Western Attica Sanitary Landfill Area, designed and constructed also by ENVITEC S.A. in a joint Venture with the above contracting companies.

The Mechanical Sorting and Composting Plant at Ano Liosia is a part of the master environmental plan of A.C.M.A.R., designed to treat one third (1/3) of the total municipal solid waste production of the Attica Region.

The plant will produce compost and high quality RDF ready for further thermal treatment and energy recovery with minimum no environmental impact. In addition ferrous and aluminium materials contained in M.S.W. are recovered by the Plant and forwarded to smelters for recycling. The Plant's design has taken into account the continuous increase of the "dry fraction" (plastics and paper) of M.S.W. in Greece, including the changes in the packaging materials of marketable goods that in the last years have been common practice in the Greek Market.

The construction and operation of the Plant contributes to the waste management national planning that has been devised according to the recent directives of the European Union, increasing the lifetime of the sanitary landfill at approximately three times. In the separation processes of the Plant, ENVITEC S.A. has introduced the most recent technological solutions available in the waste management field so that the recovered materials will comply to the quality specifications in place so that the products are reintroduced in the production cycle. These technologies have been developed and applied by ENVITEC S.A. or alternatively have been licensed to ENVITEC S.A. by highly specialized foreign companies over the last years.

ENVITEC S.A. has successfully applied all the afore mentioned technical background by utilizing the most experienced part of the Greek engineering market, highly specialized foreign consultants and the most experienced and well trained subcontractors with long time experience in mechanical equipment construction. The coordination and the management of the above was accomplished by the company's highly trained and experienced personnel in all fields of environmental technical projects.


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