The Group of Companies ENVITEC SA operates in the field of Renewable Energy Sources via the following subsidiary/ connected companies:

  • VIRA S.A.
  • VAKAT S.A.

Within this framework, the Envitec Group invests, organizes, coordinates, designs, supervises, constructs, operates and maintains RES Projects in Greece and abroad.
The Group owns in total five Wind Farms (W/F) and a Photovoltaic (PV) Park, all in operation and with a total installed Power Capacity of 43,0 MW and a total annual Renewable Energy Production of 135 GWh (electricity).
The Wind Farms are located in Southern Evia (25 MW) and Crete (16 MW), at the regions of Chania and southern Heraklion. The PV Park is located near and south of the city of Sparta, Peloponnese.
In the past the Group had installed and operated one more PV Plant of capacity 1,5MW, located in south-eastern Peloponnese, as well as a smaller Biomass Energy Plant in Cyprus.
Our corporate mentality focuses on the expansion of our activities and our portfolio by continuously searching for new potential investments and developing new projects in the Renewable Energy Sources sector.
Among other investment projects currently in the early stages of development, the Envitec Group has already secured one more Electricity Generation License for a 4,5MW Wind Farm.

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