Composting Technology by Envitec

Compostar® technology is an aerobic biological treatment facility (composting facility) which stabilized organic biodegradable fraction (source separated organic fraction from municipal solid waste, livestock etc) and produces a high quality compost.

Compostar® is a fully automated composting process which takes place inside closed reactor-tanks.In Compostar® the composting of the material is achieved by maintaining the biomass in the appropriate conditions of temperature and moisture, through mechanical stirring and aeration. The stirring of the material is achieved with the use of augers (screws) suspended on a travelling bridge.

The advantages of Compostar®:

Fully automated composting system with possibility of telemonitoring.

Low operation cost

No additional equipment (loaders etc) is required. feeding system and discharge system of produced compost are full automated.

Composting process takes place inside closed reactor/tank without presence of personnel.

High efficiency of odor abatement system

The capacity of Compostar® is more than 10.000 tons per year. ENVITEC S.A. provides a turnkey solution for a composting unit which involves system, compost refinery system and odor abatement system.

ENVITEC S.A. supports Compostar® technology with the following services:

  • Design and construction
  • Commissioning
  • Operation monitoring
  • Maintenance
  • Spare parts provision

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