ENVITEC S.A. has a significant know-how and a great experience as far as designing, construction and operation of environmental projects are concerned. It performs in Greece as well as abroad, executing successfully major projects in the Public and Private sector. In its course of action ENVITEC S.A. has proceeded to significant investments in the sectors of technology and human resources. More specifically ENVITEC undertakes the study and construction of Plants concerning Domestic Sewages Treatment, Wastewater Treatment and Solid Waste Treatment, Biotechnological applications, Energy Production from Renewable Sources (Biomass-Biogas-Aeolic Energy).

ENVITEC is the leader constructing company of the first three Mechanical Biological Treatment Plants (MBT) of municipal waste in Greece: West Attica in Athens, Prefecture of Chania in Crete, Municipality of Kalamata. The project of W. Attica is one of the bigger ones in Europe in the field of the municipal solid wastes management. It concerns the complete solution for municipal solid wastes treatment and disposal. Products: Fuel / RDF, vegetation soil / Compost, ferrous and aluminum materials. The Recycling and Composting Plant and Sanitary Landfield for Chania Prefecture, was the base for the definitive solution of the waste management at Prefecture of Chania in Crete. ENVITEC is also performing the environmental remidiation of Kouroupitos gorge.

ENVITEC S.A, with the use and exploitation of new technologies, applies the new System of Treatment of Sewages and Production of Water of irrigation BioBlock® suitable for the management of domestic, agricultural and organic industrial sewages. This patented product has a very high output, minimal consumption of energy, small functional cost, it is closed and occupies very small space.

The company develops common activities with organizations of Municipal Authorities for the construction and operation / management of projects in the above mentioned sectors, cooperating with Banks as well. The company carries out complete projects regarding Energy production from Renewable Sources, such as utilization of biogas, biomass and Aeolic Energy.


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