Alexandroupolis WTP







The plant was built to have a water treatment capacity of 19,200 m3 per day, which is sufficient to supply 77,000 inhabitants.

The treated water is collected in a reservoir and transported to the refinery through a ductile iron pipeline, 600 mm in diameter, with a total length of 37 km.

The hourly supply of water that can be treated at the refinery is variable and ranges from 200-800 m3 / h. The regulation of the hourly flow is done through the automation system of the refinery and the water level in the central clean water storage tank, in order to ensure the peak demand for drinking water in the city of Alexandroupolis.

The water is filtered in high efficiency sand filters, continuous rinsing of the filter medium under continuous feed conditions. The filter technology is from the Swedish company "WATERLINK-Nordic Water Products".

The Alexandroupolis Drinking Water Refinery performs a complete cleaning of the suspended solids of the turbidity and color of the water with the addition of PAC (Poly Aluminum Chloride), flocculation and filtration and on the other hand destruction of each microorganism by disinfection of two sodium hypochlorite.

Drinking water has characteristics that meet the standards of Greek and European legislation, is of excellent quality with turbidity less than 0.2 NTU.

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