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The Baghdad Municipality Water Refinery was designed to receive water from the Tigris River in Iraq to purify it for drinking use by Baghdad residents.

The project was built in the Sharq Dijlah area of ​​Baghdad Municipality.

The capacity of the project is refining 50 Mega Gallons per day of drinking water. The facility is a combination of modern and innovative technologies that with respect for the environment and man are a complete and effective solution for the complete refining of water to the people of Baghdad. The project has the ability to operate 24 hours a day in 3 shifts for 6 days a week.

ENVITEC A.E. implemented the project in collaboration with specialized companies at home and abroad, specialized consultants, and the most experienced manufacturers with long experience in mechanical constructions.

For the transfer of the equipment from Greece and Europe to Baghdad, more than 100 containers were needed, which were loaded and transported under our control and supervision with absolute safety. All means of transport were used (Road, Sea, Train, Air) depending on the needs of the project and the similar situation (hostilities) that currently existed in Iraq.

The supply of materials took place under the supervision of the UN. and Unicef. Transportation to Baghdad was severely hampered by hostilities in Iraq. Also due to telecommunications problems it was impossible to communicate between ENVITEC and Baghdad. In February 2003, work stopped due to the war in Iraq. Work resumed in February 2004 where we encountered serious transport problems due to hostilities. With the restart of the project we worked with the interim government of Iraq (CPA) as well as with the American Multinational Company Bechtel International Systems, Inc. which was responsible for rebuilding Iraq under USAID supervision.

All equipment sent to the project was certified by Lloyd's Register of London to verify that we met the project specifications and to certify the quality of the products. We also obtained a second certification at the Syria-Iraq border from COTECNA, which was an approved UN inspection body.

The project was designed entirely by ENVITEC A.E. with detailed plans which were given to the Municipality of Baghdad. Depending on the situation in Iraq, our Company Engineer visited the project to supervise and resolve any problems.

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