The aim of the project is the construction of a Recycling and Composting Plant (RCP) for the Municipal Solid Waste and of a Residues Sanitary Landfill (RSL). The plant is under construction at an area of 110,000m² beside the Couroupitos where untreated solid waste of the prefecture used to be disposed. The RSL is located near the plant and occupies an area of 80,000 m2.

The Recycling and Composting Plant (RCP) and the Residues Sanitary Landfill (RSL) located at Kouroupitos, Akrotiri - Chania, has a process capacity of 70,000 tons of mixed Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) in a yearly basis. A fraction of 65% will be utilized as recyclable materials and fertilizer, while only 35% is to be disposed at the RSL.

The plant consists out of the Reception Area, the Mechanical Separation and Hand-sorting Facility, the Composting Facility, the Compost Refinery Facility, the Compost Bagging Facility and the Residues Sanitary Landfill (RSL) (see following general layout). The plant acquires complete installations for the protection of personnel and the environment. Ventilation, air cleaning installations are provided for all working positions as also waste water treatment facility for the process of waste water occurring from the RCP and the RLS.

The RCP is designed for a 6.5 hours operation in a daily basis for 5 days per week (260 days per year). In full operation 85 administration and working personnel is required. The total installed power is 2.3 MW. The total operational cost of the RCP in full operation is estimated into 2 million € p.a., part of which will be covered through the sales of recyclable materials and compost. Contractor of the whole project is ENVITEC S.Α., the technical and financial tender of which assessed as best among other candidates to the relevant competition that took place. The time schedule for the completion of all the Works is of 18 months. An additional period of 6 months operation for testing, commissioning and training is considered.

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