The Municipal Solid Waste Recycling and Composting Plant of Kalamata City, is the first waste treatment plant ever to be constructed in Greece and haw been in operation since May 1997. The plant is located in the area “Bournias”, 5km west of Kalamata city, at a 12km distance from the municipal landfill and close to the wastewater treatment plant of the city.

Treatment of the organic fraction of solid waste for the production of compost, used as a soil conditioner

Recovery of recyclable materials

Considerable reduction of the quantity of waste to be finally disposed, resulting in a near two-fold increase of the life time of the landfill

The plant treats the total quantity of the municipal solid waste of Kalamata city, as well a quantity of the dewatered sludge from the neighboring wastewater treatment plant.

The process leads to a significant reduction of the quantity, and given that it utilizes the organic fraction, which causes the major environmental nuisances in a landfill, the process results in a considerable improvement of the quality of the waste finally disposed in the landfill.

At the same time, it utilizes a part of the dewatered sludge disposed from the municipal wastewater treatment plant.

The main aim of the plant is the production of compost and the reduction of the quantity of materials to be landfilled.

The production line consists of a series of processes which include:

  • Mechanical separation line
  • Sludge reception and mixing section
  • Composting section
  • Refining line and maturation area

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