ENVITEC A.E. undertook as a leading partner of Κ/Ξ - the construction of EMAK. The project is owned by the United Association of Municipalities and Communities of the Prefecture of Attica (ESDKNA) and the location of the factory is in Ano Liossia, adjacent to the Landfill of West Attica, a project that has also carried out ENVITEC SA.

EMAK is part of the general environmental planning of Ε.Σ.Δ.Κ.Ν.Α. and processes about a quarter of the daily waste generated in the Attica Basin.

Short description

EMAK in Ano Liosia, Attica is one of the largest recycling plants for Mechanical - Biological waste treatment in Europe and is developing on a total land area of ​​178,000m², with 14 building units with a total covered area of ​​47,840m².

The factory as a whole was designed by the team of ENVITEC SA. both in the studies required for its licensing and in the final and implementation studies of the entire construction. The implementation of the construction was done through subcontracting collaborations both with Greek manufacturers of high level mechanical constructions and with specialized companies abroad. All the constructions were under the supervision of the experienced construction specialists of ENVITEC SA.

The factory recycles packaging materials, ie ferrous and aluminum materials and solid fuel (RDF: paper-plastic) in its most refined form. It also produces stabilized compost. Waste materials are separated for landfill.

The Project was designed with the following data:



Mixed municipal waste

340,000 tpa

Green waste

38,000 tpa

Biological sludge

16,000 tpa

Installed power

11.650 KVA

Scope of the project

The project includes the following processing units:

  • Balance of incoming - outgoing loads
  • Municipal waste, green waste and biological sludge collection.
  • Mechanical sorting (3 lines)
  • Composting unit
  • Refinery - maturation - packaging
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • Compost gaseous pollution treatment plant

The following infrastructure projects have been constructed in the project for its complete and integrated operation:

  • Administration building - restaurant - staff locker rooms
  • Enclosure - control entrance
  • Fire Detection Systems
  • Water supply - irrigation - water   washing systems
  • Green works
  • Maintenance workshop
  • Spare parts warehouses
  • Product warehouses
  • Gas station
  • Road construction network

The whole project operates and is controlled completely automatically by means of Computers, SCADA system and PLC that have been installed in the individual control centers of the installation.

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