Envitec S.A. has been comprised in a consortium with Archirodon Group NV and Intrakat SA who has been awarded the implementation of Serres MSW treatment plant through a Public Private Partnership (PPP) contract with the Greek State. The project refers to the construction and the 25-year operation of the plant.

Envitec SA is the Process Engineer and the Equipment Supplier of this project which is under construction.

Serres Mechanical Biological Treatment Plant has been designed to treat 63,000 tn/yr mixed municipal solid waste and 3,000tn/yr presorted biowaste.

Serres MBT Plant through a) mechanical sorting systems (screening, ballistic separation, optical sorting separation, metal separation, eddy current etc) and b) aerobic biological treatment (dynamic stirring system) will recover  and produced:

  • Recyclable materials (plastic, paper, metal)
  • Compost
  • Compost Like Output (CLO)

The aerobic biological treatment (composting system) of Serres MBT has been supplied by Εnvitec SA.

Εnvitec SA constructs and supplies the composting technology called  Compo.Star

In Compo.Star the composting of the material is achieved by maintaining the biomass in the appropriate conditions of temperature and moisture, through mechanical stirring and aeration. The stirring of the material is achieved with the use of augers (screws) suspended on a travelling bridge.

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